Born in Milan, Lombardy, 1913. After accountancy studies he started working as a graphic designer in the early 1930s, collaborating with Studio Boggeri and participating in the Triennale exhibition. Since 1939 he was aided by his wife Lica. After a journey in the U.S.A., he joined the Resistance and designed a series of clandestine pamphlets and periodicals. In 1945 he designed The Reconstruction Exhibition and the communist magazine Il Politecnico. After the war he spent two years in Mexico for a literacy campaign. Once back in Milan he was appointed art director of LaRinascente (1950-54), and worked for Coop, Necchi, Olivetti, Piccolo Teatro, Pirelli, and other major companies. He did a lot of work in the publishing field, designing many covers and book series for Editori Riuniti, Feltrinelli, Zanichelli and other publishers, writing some books himself. Founding partner of ADI. Member of AGI and ICTA. He taught at ANPI Rinascita and Umanitaria schools in Milan, and gave courses and lectures at the University of Venice and the art institutes of Parma, Urbino, Rome, and Florence. He died in Raffadali, Sicily, 1974.