Born in Milan, Lombardy, 1926. After studying economy at Bocconi University in Milan, he began working in graphic design for industry. In 1955-56 he associated with Ilio Negri. From 1963 to 1965 they joined Michele Provinciali and Pino Tovaglia and founded CNPT. Art director of FMR, Marcatre, and Lerici, he worked for numerous magazines including Domus, Graphis, and Imago. During his career he served prestigious clients including Boffi, Esso, Pirelli, Tecno, Triennale, and Valextra. He received major recognitions including the Bodoni Prize. His work has been exhibited in Milan, New York, Paris, and Vienna. Member of ADC, ADI, AGI, and AIGA. He died in Milan in 2008.