Born in Pontestura, Piedmont, 1920. Trained at the Turin School of Artisan Printers (1931-33) and the Paravia Typography Institute (1933-36), where he studied under Alessandro Butti, who was art director of Nebiolo Type Foundry in Turin. He joined Nebiolo Art Studio in 1938, eventually becoming its director in 1952. At Nebiolo he directly drawn or supervised the design of many typefaces including Garaldus, Recta, and Forma. He was awarded numerous prizes including the 1954 Milan Fair Gold Medal and the 1963 AIAP Giarrettiera. Member of ICTA. He taught at the Paravia Institute and acted as a consultant to prestigious type foundries in Basel, Berlin, New York, and Paris. In 1956 he developed a type classification system that was much appreciated by design scholars. He died in Turin, Piedmont, 1995.