Born in Milan, Lombardy, 1907. Self-taught artist, designer, and writer. He contributed to Futurist exhibitions with abstract paintings and the first mobiles sculptures. In 1929 he started working in graphic design collaborating with Studio Boggeri. In 1931 he founded studio R+M with Ricas (Riccardo Castagnedi), with whom he worked until 1937. In the 30s he also wrote numerous essays for Campo Grafico and worked in newspaper design. In 1948 he co-founded the Movimento Arte Concreta (MAC). In the 1950s he started working as a product and furniture designer and continued to experiment in visual arts. He designed hundreds of book covers and tens of book series for many Italian publishers. Member of AGI. He won three Compasso d’Oro and served many times as a member of its jury. He taught at the Harvard University School of Design, the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, and wrote fundamental books about art, communication, and design. He died in Milan, 1998.