Born in Tresnuraghes, Sardinia, 1912. He moved to Milan in 1931 and studied at the School of Industrial Arts (ISA) in Monza, under Marcello Nizzoli and Edoardo Persico. He started working in exhibit design during the 1930s, collaborating on the 6th edition of Triennale exhibition. In 1936 he entered the Olivetti Advertising & Development Office, where he will work for over thirty years, becoming its art director in 1950. “Pintori is considered the source of all the initiatives contributing to the Olivetti image: design coordination, graphics, typography, advertising image, sales-outlet design, and furnishing,” (H. Waibl). In 1968 he established his own office in Milan. He received numerous prizes and his work has been published on the most important design magazines. He died in Milan, Lombardy, 1999.