Born in Nairobi, Kenya, 1931. After studying at the Central School and the Royal College in London, he married his Italian wife and moved to the U.S.A. studying at the Yale University under Paul Rand and Josef Albers, and working with Leo Lionni and Saul Bass. In 1959 he moved to Milan and worked at Centro Pirelli, that later became a client of his own firm. Once back to London, in 1962 he cofounded Fletcher/Forbes/Gill that soon changed into Crosby/Fletcher/Forbes. It quickly became one of the world top design firms serving major clients including Penguin Books—under the art direction of Germano Facetti—, Reuters, and Olivetti. In 1972 he cofounded Pentagram which is still today one of the best-known design firms. In 1991 he left and started to work as a freelance designer. From 1992 to 1996 he worked as the art director of Domus magazine, and continued to serve Italian clients including Vespa and Fondazione Napoli ’99. President of AGI since 1982 to 1985. He died in London, United Kingdom, 2006.