Born in Milan, Lombardy, 1908. After attending the book decoration course at the Umanitaria School of Design, he began working as a graphic artist in 1932. The following year he cofounded with Attilio Rossi the pioneering Campo Grafico, the first Italian modern graphics magazine. In 1939 he left Campo Grafico and started working for other magazines including Tempo and L’Ufficio Moderno, but also designed numerous marks for major companies such as Montecatini. In 1945 he cofounded with Attilio Rossi again the Centro Studi Grafici in Milan, and the following year Linea Grafica magazine which he edited until 1952. He taught at the Umanitaria School of Design in Milan, and the Parma Art Institute where he established the Publishing and Advertising Graphics Departments. He was awarded many prizes for the magazines, marks, and posters he designed, and also for the work he did at the Bodoni Museum in Parma. He died in Milan in 1982.