Nebiolo was founded in Turin in 1852 and took its name from Giovanni Nebiolo, who bought the company in 1878 and left in 1891. It was Italy’s premier typefoundry and the biggest type and printing equipment manufacturing company. Type design production by Nebiolo Art Studio started in 1930, first under the direction of Giulio da Milano (1930-36), then under Alessandro Butti (1936-1952), and lastly under Aldo Novarese (1952-1978). Many among the best-known graphic designers from the Milan scene voluntarily joined the Nebiolo Research Group during the period 1965-78. The group included Bruno Munari, Franco Grignani, Giancarlo Iliprandi, Ilio Negri, Luigi Oriani, Till Neuburg, Pino Tovaglia, and Turin-based designer Giovanni Brunazzi. In 1976 FIAT bought the company, who went bankrupt in 1978.

Aldo Novarese
Pontestura, 1920 – Turin, 1995
Bruno Munari
Milan, 1907-1998
Franco Grignani
Pieve Porto Morone, 1908 – Milan, 1999
Giancarlo Iliprandi
Milan, 1925-2016
Ilio Negri
Milan 1926-1974
Pino Tovaglia
Milan, 1923 – Milan, 1977