Founded in 1959, Agenzia Centro was the new advertising office of Pirelli that substituted the former Direzione Propaganda. Directed by Arrigo Castellani, Centro served other major companies besides Pirelli, including Autobianchi, Ciga, Italarredi, and Total. Numerous of the best Italian and foreign designers worked for Centro as freelancers or in-house designers, producing some of the most iconic posters and announcements of the 1960s.

Alan Fletcher
Nairobi, 1931 – London, 2006
Albe Steiner
Milan, 1913 – Raffadali, 1974
Bob Noorda
Amsterdam, 1927 – Milan, 2010
Bruno Munari
Milan, 1907-1998
Coen Smit
Ezio Bonini
Milan, 1923-1988
Massimo Vignelli
Milan, 1931 – New York, 2014
Pino Milàs
Argentine, n.d. – Denmark, 2020
Pino Tovaglia
Milan, 1923 – Milan, 1977