Olivetti was one of the first and few companies to firmly believe in design, making its products and its communication one of the best examples ever. Founded in 1931 by Adriano Olivetti, the Olivetti Advertising Office produced many greatest posters, packaging, and advertisements thanks to the intelligence of his founder and the mastery of Giovanni Pintori, Walter Ballmer, Marcello Nizzoli, Serge Libiszewski, and others.

Bruno Munari
Milan, 1907-1998
Erberto Carboni
Parma, 1899 – Milan, 1984
Franco Bassi
Milan, 1920-2006
Giovanni Pintori
Tresnuraghes, 1912 – Milan, 1999
Roberto Sambonet
Vercelli, 1924 – Milan, 1993
Walter Ballmer
Liestal, 1923 – Milan, 2011