laRinascente has been one of the major catalysts for the production of good graphic design during the 1950s and 1960s. Many of the best Italian and foreign designers, as well as illustrators, served its legendary Research & Advertising Office and the Development Office as freelance consultants or in-house designers. The first art director of advertising was Albe Steiner, followed by Amneris Latis, and Adriana Botti, while Augusto Morello founded the Development Office in 1955, where Italo Lupi acted as art director of packaging design.

Albe Steiner
Milan, 1913 – Raffadali, 1974
Bob Noorda
Amsterdam, 1927 – Milan, 2010
Bruno Munari
Milan, 1907-1998
Enzo Mari
Cerano, 1932 – Milan, 2020
Giancarlo Iliprandi
Milan, 1925-2016
Giulio Cittato
Venice, 1936-1986
Heinz Waibl
Verona, 1931 – Schio, 2020
Italo Lupi
Cagliari, 1934 – Milan, 2023
Lora Lamm
Arosa, 1928
Massimo Vignelli
Milan, 1931 – New York, 2014
Max Huber
Baar, 1919 – Mendrisio, 1992
Pegge Hopper
Oakland, 1935
Roberto Sambonet
Vercelli, 1924 – Milan, 1993
Salvatore Gregorietti
Palermo, 1941